ANRAN GLASS 's ability to deliver super quality and customer service calls the company to have the success of brand building.

From production to management, supporting service to sales and marketing, human resource to technology and research, every aspect of our work is underpinned by the corporate mission to maintain our company name. We make our best effort to deliver the highest quality and service to support our customer. ‘Providing customers with an all-round service’ has always been our corporate mission and we will continue to strive for excellence.

A ‘Zero Defect Rate’ control system has been introduced throughout our production lines. All employees are educated to maintain the product defective rate at zero. This way, we are able to keep the quality of products under control. 
Over 5% experienced technical staff are employed to manage the production system, develop production lines, design and monitor the production procedures. From the purchase of raw material to the warehousing of finished products, the order of operation and control has been establish to provide excellent quality goods. Every step of the production procedure is regulated to allow only products meeting the rigorous requirement to pass on to the next procedure, ensuring that all finished products achieved a high standard of uniformity and  meet the customers needs .